What is The Corporate Transparency Act?

Are you a business owner? If your answer is yes, please pay attention to this blog. The new year 2024 is bringing changes for many LLC owners through the enactment of the Corporate Transparency Act and a new reporting mandate for many entities. The Corporate...

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Corporate Transparency Act
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Los contratistas y subcontratistas enfrentan una buena cantidad de desafíos. Desde encontrar clientes hasta completar proyectos y gestionar costos, sus vidas son un ajetreo constante. Sin embargo, uno de los desafíos más importantes es garantizar pagos oportunos,...

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Pesadillas de contratistas y el pago a tiempo

Beware of the NFL: Super Bowl Trademark Guide

As the Super Bowl® LVII approaches, have you noticed how the term "Super Bowl" is not often mentioned in commercials and other forms of advertising? Instead, they use words like "The Big Game" or something similar. That's because the National Football League (NFL)...

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Super Bowl