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In the civil and business law area, contract law refers to legal agreements between two or more parties. These agreements outline the rules and principles that govern businesses, including their formation, transactions, processes, interpretation, and enforcement.

A contract is a legally binding document that creates an obligation for parties to either do or refrain from doing something. A well-written contract reflects “the meeting of the minds.”

Contracts are absolutely essential because they help parties understand their legal obligations when entering into agreements with each other. They also provide a legal framework for resolving disputes that may arise between parties during their relationship.

Contract law covers a wide range of agreements, from everyday transactions to commercial arrangements, operating agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and more. It’s important to note that all details pertaining to the agreement between parties must be included in a contract. While some contracts may be simple, others may require a highly customized document to protect the parties involved.

By ensuring that these details are properly outlined, parties can be confident that their interests are being protected and that they have a legally binding agreement in place.

Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta has more than 20 years of experience on contracts, first as an engineer in the high-tech industry and later as an attorney.

He brings his skilled perspective into the work he does.

These are the type of contracts that can help you run your business.

  • Partnership agreements. These agreements describe how partners may relate to one another, describing each partner’s obligations to the business. These are also called operating agreements and may be mandatory depending on the state where you do business. 
  • Indemnity agreements. These contracts call for one party to be indemnified and held harmless by another in a situation that generally might call for damages.
  • Non-disclosure agreements. These agreements hold one party accountable if they divulge information that is considered proprietary or confidential by the other party. This contract is known as a confidentiality agreement. 
  • Equipment or property leases. This agreement sets the conditions and terms for leasing equipment or property. They may determine deposit amounts, monthly payment amounts, payment schedules, and maintenance requirements, amongst other details.
  • Commercial real estate This contract might outline the warranties, representations, closing conditions, and covenants. of a Real Estate transaction.

Attorney Marcos is ready to help from revising a contract, drafting a new agreement or negociating the most beneficial terms.


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