Amazon Wants All Its Sellers to be Intellectual Property Compliant

Sep 27, 2019

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, wants all people to sell.

In the now distant beginnings, Amazon only sold books. Later, it transformed itself into an e-commerce juggernaut who sells everything to everybody, creating the click-and-deliver consumer culture.

Amazon no longer sells mass-scale products coming only from corporate vendors, but it is aggressively attracting small producers, mom-and-pop shops, entrepreneurs and others who sell in smaller scale. In short, everybody is invited to join Amazon as a seller all over the world.

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A Company That Protects Itself

To protect the company from costly liabilities, Amazon has a strong intellectual property anti infringement policy which is spelled out in its sellers’ site, Amazon Services.

Amazon Services prohibits the sale of counterfeit products, illegally produced or manufactured and requires providing a record of the authenticity of your products if requested.

Among the illegal products are bootlegs, fakes, replicated, pirated, copied products or content.

Penalties against counterfeit products are varied from suspending or terminating the Amazon selling account, including even the destruction of illegal merchandise and other legal consequences.

This is forcing many to get educated about trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property issues.

The e-commerce giant also works with intellectual property owners to crack down on violations and encourage the reporting of intellectual property infringement.

Are You Being Accused of Intellectual Property Infringement?

Sellers also need to be aware that an agent or owner of any intellectual property might accuse them of infringement and report them through Amazon’s reporting system. It is important for the accused seller to clarify the accusation as soon as possible, and pay attention to these issues that can cause a business to collapse and can have costly legal repercussions.

If you spotted an intellectual property violation against any of your products or services, or you are accused of IP infringement, contact Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta who can create a course of action appropriate for your business.

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