How to Avoid TV Piracy Lawsuits-Tool Kit for Restaurants, Bars

May 6, 2021

Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta has been fighting false TV piracy lawsuits against powerful opponents.

Most bars, restaurants, barbers, and salon owners are not knowledgeable about copyrights, TV piracy, or intellectual property rights. Especially immigrant-led businesses in small strip malls. This lack of IP law knowledge makes them the target of unscrupulous firms.

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Tool Kit

Download the took kit here. Baja e imprime la guía en Español

How restaurant and bar owners can protect themselves? Can they avoid the actions of unscrupulous lawyers? How not be embroiled in a long and costly lawsuit?

Here are simple considerations.

First, respect copyright laws

  • Do not break any licensing for special events. That includes not hacking satellite or cable devices. Hacking a system is a violation and may be prosecuted

Second, avoid being framed or set up by “investigators”

  • Be aware of the client(s) behavior at all times. If something is off, pay attention
  • Raise your guard if you receive calls asking if your restaurant will be showing a soccer match or a boxing event.
  • Be suspicious of persons not ordering any food or drinks
  • Do not let anybody take control of your TV remote or web-connected TV
  • Do not allow anybody to stream content from a handheld device such as a cellphone. Remember that terms of service are different for each (personal vs public) environment
  • Remember your business is your private property. You have the right to ask a suspicious person to leave your establishment
  • Moreover, If you are contacted by a law firm accusing you of internet piracy, do not talk to them. First, contact a lawyer specialized in copyrights, intellectual property, piracy cases

Finally, contact Attorney Marcos with questions

Attorney Marcos E. Garciaacosta can help you navigate these allegations in a way that make business sense for you. Call us with your questions for a free, 15 minutes phone consultation with Marcos.

Download the took kit here. Baja e imprime la guía en Español aquí.

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