Facebook confronting lawsuits for use of face recognition technology

May 2, 2018

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As if it wasn’t enough with the Cambridge Analytica problem, Facebook is facing a class action lawsuit against their illegal use of a facial recognition on photos, without users’ approval.

It seems like Mark Zuckerberg and his staff of social media geniuses can’t catch a break. Just a little over a week after Zuckerberg’s 10-hour testimony with Congress about Cambridge Analytics harvesting of user data, Facebook must now go to court for the illegal use of facial recognition.

Back in 2015, Illinois Facebook users sued the company for violating a biometric privacy law in the state of Illinois. When Facebook launched “tag suggestions” on their app in 2011, they created the concept of facial recognition algorithms for that group of Illinois users. But after 2011, Facebook has been illegally collecting biometric information on each user piece by piece to strengthen their process of facial recognition.

So basically, anytime you post a picture or someone posts a picture with you or of you, Facebook has collected that biometric information of your face, created the algorithm to identify you, and sent it out onto the web to recognize your face in hundreds of other photos.

It’s chilling to think about just how easily companies like Facebook can access your personal information.

It’ll be a while until this lawsuit arrives at the courtroom or before a settlement is reached, but what we know for sure is Facebook may be millions of dollars deep on this one. And billions of faces as well.

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