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Providing efficient legal services is our priority. We understand the importance of open communication and we ensure that we keep in close contact with our clients.

We strive to provide competent legal services with the client’s best interest in mind. Meeting your expectations is not only a priority, it is our main goal. We also hold your hand every step of your legal journey with us. We handle our attorney-client relationship in a three step process!

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Consult with an attorney to understand your legal needs.

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We’ll advise you on the most effective and proactive legal solutions.

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We’ll diligently execute the legal solutions that are in your best interest.

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What clients have to say…


My husband and I were clients of Marcos Garciaacosta. We found his services to be highly professional and extremely informative. If you need advice or have a legal matter to finalize, I recommend his services.


I came with a concerning case for my free consultation with Marcos. He was dedicated, attentive, read everything in advance, and provided clear communication and options. Thanks to him, I feel much more informed on the legal issues regarding my case and the course of action I need to take. Thank you, Marcos!


I was in served and in a jam. I needed very specific legal contract advice and guidance; and without hesitation Marcos went above and beyond to help me. I’m truly grateful for his time, expertise, and guidance. If you’re looking for the best of the best, Marcos is it!


Although I did not retain Marcos as council he was very helpful in regards to pointing me in the right direction and where to start in filing a case myself. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Marcos as council if I had the money to hire attorney. Marcos gave me the impression that he cared more about his clients more so than money he would earn from taking on the case. He’s more about turning a wrong into a right and standing up for the little guy. If you’re looking for an attorney that goes the extra mile and puts you ahead of the almighty dollar, Marcos is your attorney! Thank you Marcos, appreciate your guidance!


Marcos is one of the most caring and understanding people I know. He is a true professional and an expert who will accomplish.

Javier F.

Marcos was very Professional in his work for my Trademark and Copyright submissions. He understands the Global landscape and his advice continues to be invaluable.

Alan D.

Very knowledgeable with B2B and working out business partnerships. Highly recommend!

Ejekwu N.